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Helping you do a little good everyday is our goal at pledge4good!

It’s tough to fit changing the world into your busy schedule of work, school, sports, fitness, love, heartache, heartbreak, kids, grandkids, Godkids, and of course SLEEP.

But, what if you could do just one small thing each day to make the world a better place? What if you wouldn’t even need to change your daily routine? More importantly, what if tons of people each did a small act of good everyday? These are the pressing questions behind pledge4good.

We created a platform that lets you tailor not only for who, but also how, when, and where you choose to do good without distracting from your daily responsibilities.

Integrating pledge4good into your life makes it easy to join the growing group of people doing a little good every day.

From the socially conscious to the armchair slacktivist to the workaholic, pledge4good offers a variety of ways to make micro-donating an effortless part of anyone’s life!

Go to How It Works to learn more about Pledges and Group Sponsorships!

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